What causes low blood pressure ?

Types of hypotension:

Low blood pressure is divided into several types, with the following statement: 

  • Orthostatic hypotension: may occur at all ages. This condition is referred to as star sighting when waking up. This is the case of low blood pressure when moving from sitting or lying to standing position. To a short period to adapt to the changing situation, and accompanied by feeling dizzy.
  • Postprandial hypertension: is a form of hypotension, which affects the elderly more than others, especially those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. This condition is characterized by low blood pressure after eating a meal.
  • Neurodegenerative hypertension: Children are more likely to develop neurodegenerative hypertension than adults, as a result of long-standing or exposure to emotional events.
  • Severe hypertension: This condition is life-threatening if immediate medical treatment is not immediately available. This type is associated with severe shock-related blood pressure. As is known, trauma occurs when organs do not have the necessary blood and oxygen to perform their functions correctly.