Do You Know The biggest snake on earth ?

The snakes:

  • The snakes belong to the reptile species, but do not have any legs unlike the rest of the creeping animals, and rely on moving the muscles of the trunk to move from place to place, and some types of poison in prey hunting and in defense of themselves, while the other species rely on hiding and hiding or large size And its power to hunt and defend itself.

Anaconda is the biggest snake on Earth:

  • The green anaconda is the most widely known snake species around the world. It is the longest and heaviest of the other snakes. Its scientific name, Eunectes murinus, derived from the Greek language, is known for its ability to swim skillfully.
  • Mature snakes typically range from five to three and a half meters, depending on the sex of the snake. Females typically reach males longer than men, and their weight ranges between 30 and 70 kg depending on their sex. Females are heavier.
  • Another type of anaconda is called the Python reticulatus, and people often mistake it for being the world’s largest snake because it can be as long as six meters, but when compared to weight and thickness The green anaconda is the largest, so it is found that in the world classification of snakes the green anaconda is classified as the first in size, followed by the net snake to rank second.

  • The largest anaconda green snake discovered in the world is a female five and twenty centimeters long, found by Dr. Jesús Antonio Rivas, who studied thousands of green anaconda snakes and weighed 95 kilograms. While the longest-exposed retinal snake was seven meters long and twenty-nine centimeters long, and its skeleton remains so far in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History as the longest discovered snake.

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