Do you know who the first people are in recognition of the engagement ring?


  • The wedding ring or engagement ring is a simple and practical means of revealing whether a person is connected or not; thousands of people have passed this myth for hundreds of years until it became a basic Arab and Western custom.
  • The Europeans used the wedding ring after the year 900 AD and then spread to other peoples of the world to symbolize this small ring to love, affection and mutual respect between the parties.
  • The wedding ring was usually worn in the victory of the left hand, due to the belief that prevailed in the Greeks that this finger is associated with the shortest race extends from the cave to the heart, called the sweat of the heart.

The first people to recognize the engagement ring:

  • Historians have pointed out that the first people to recognize the engagement ring were the Romans; it was made of iron at the time, and the Egyptians were among the first to use gold in its formulation.
  • Historians have concluded that the story of the original wedding ring dates back to Pharaonic origins. The pharaohs invented this custom for thousands of years. Photographs of the wedding ring were found in some Egyptian antiquities. The Egyptians chose the ring because the circle means immortality and eternity. Forever.
  • Other historians have pointed out that the first wedding ring of Archimedean Maximus of Australia to his wife in 1477, and that the Catholic Church began from the Middle Ages to be adopted at the marriage ceremony.
  • The story of the wedding ring in the Greeks after the pharaohs, and it was taken from the old habit at marriage requires that the hand of the boy is placed in the hand of the girl who will be his partner, and ties the iron barrier between them when the girl comes out of the house of her family, and then riding the boy and his horse and the girl cattle beside him or behind him Rabat until they reach the marital home even if it is far away.

  • The Irishman’s first wedding ring was made by Irishman Richard Joyce after returning from a visit from Turkey. He was abducted on the eve of his marriage by a group of pirates who sold him to a jeweler in Turkey. After his deep sadness and the constant thought of his wife, he decided to make She had a ring to express his eternal attachment to her and to give her a wedding day. The Turkish merchant learned his story and agreed with it and allowed him to go to his girlfriend in Ireland.