How to deal with a teenager ?

Balancing discipline and freedom:

  • Some parents may feel that they are losing control of their teenager’s actions, are worried every time he crosses his limits, and others completely avoid a quarrel with their son for fear of leaving them. Therefore, a balance must be struck between discipline and freedom; To overcome his limits, a teenager who lives in a strict environment does not have the opportunity to develop his skills in solving problems because he does not take his own decisions.

Teach him to take responsibility:

  • Children learn to take responsibility from their surroundings. Their first source of responsibility learning is the parents, then the circumstances they go through. Children may imitate their parents who are responsible and can be taught responsibility without severe conditions until the age of thirteen.
  • In learning, adolescents feel they need to learn that they have the ability to influence what is happening to them in their lives by making them bear some responsibility for their lives, and they need to know how much power and privilege they will lose by their behavior Certain irresponsible.

Talk to him and answer his questions:

  • You should talk to your child about all aspects of life, and all questions should be answered, especially when it comes to his body. For example, talk about menstruation or dreaming when the teenager is ready to talk to him or talk to him about the difference between girls and boys. His question about where the child comes from, and such things, taking into account the answers to his questions accurately and without an undesirable increase in the answer to such questions, and the use of an experienced friend with dealing with adolescents or the use of the doctor.

Respect for privacy:

  • Some parents do not respect the privacy of their adolescent child, so you find them interfering in all aspects of his life and everything he does. This is wrong. You have to leave room for the teenager to give him some privacy. For example, some things related to him, such as his bedroom, e- And not expect him to share everything that happens with him or think of him, he considers them special things, in this way learn to become a responsible adult, but parents should interfere in the life of their teenager if they noticed the existence of a problem, and should always know where Their son goes and when he will return, and what is Do and with whom, but without entering into details, so as to give him greater confidence.

Monitor what he sees and reads:

  • A teenager can get a large amount of information from television programs, magazines, books, and the Internet. Parents must have knowledge of all this. They should also limit the amount of time spent in front of a computer or television, and learn what they learn from the media. Who communicates online.

Patience to the teenage son:

  • Parents need to be more patient when treating their teenager. A teenager needs much more time to find the right balance of behavior and independence. Even if he turns bad at times, he will return to his nature in time. Parents must forgive and forget mistakes. Their teenagers, and not to stop and go ahead.