5 reasons to increase weight in children

Weight gain in children:

Childhood obesity is diagnosed by the body mass index (BMI) and is based on the standard BMI chart for children between the ages of 2- 19 years The child is obese if the indicator is greater than or equal to 95%, and the weight is excessive if the index ranges between 85-95%. This indicator uses weight and height to assess the body’s condition and takes the age and gender of the child into consideration.

Causes of overweight children:

The lifestyle is a little physical activity and an unhealthy diet is one of the main reasons contributing to weight gain. Some hormonal and genetic factors may play a role in the child’s obesity. One study found that changes in digestive hormones may affect the signals of feeling In full, and the following is an explanation of the most important factors that can increase the risk of injury to the child weight gain:

  • Diet: Eating high-calorie foods such as junk food and sweets can cause weight gain, and much evidence has linked high-sugar juices such as fruit juices and obesity.
  • Non-exercise: Usually, children who do not exercise are more likely to gain weight. The exercises help to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight of the child. In addition, the child spends a lot of time watching television and playing electronic games in injury Weight gain.
  • Family-related factors: Children are more likely to be overweight if their family is overweight, especially if high-calorie foods are abundant, and the child is not encouraged to increase physical activity.
  • Psychological factors: Some children tend to eat too much instead of facing their own problems or negative feelings, such as stress, boredom, and depression. Parents often tend to practice these same behaviors.
  •  Economic and social factors: Children living in poor areas may not be able to exercise because of the lack of a safe place. In addition, some communities have limited resources, prompting them to buy easy-to-prepare foods such as frozen meals, You can not buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats because of their high cost.