Where is Morocco?


  • Morocco is an Arab country from the countries of Africa, and in this country the system of government is a constitutional monarchy, democratic and hereditary, so it took the name of the Kingdom of Morocco, and the logo of this kingdom is (God, the homeland, the king) and the flag of this kingdom is red, Ribs.

Geographic location of Morocco:

  • Morocco is characterized by its unique geographic location, which made it a special place for tourism. Its moderate atmosphere made it beautiful to create this beautiful, tourist-like landscape. Morocco’s proximity to Europe made it a link between Europe and Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco’s position to the world as a whole and especially to the Muslim world is that it was a link between the West and the East, on the one hand, and between the Arab world and the Islamic world on the other.

Moroccan dialects:

  • There are several dialects in Morocco as a result of the geographical diversity that limits the state from all sides. Each region of Morocco has a different dialect from other dialects such as Tarfet, Tamazight, Tachlehit and other dialects. In Moroccan customs and traditions. 
  • Morocco is a state in which Islam is an official religion. In schools, languages ​​other than Arabic are taught: French, Spanish, English, German and Italian.


Topography of Morocco:

  • Morocco has a geographical diversity of its diverse terrain; it contains all forms of terrain from mountains, valleys and vast plains, as well as deserts and rivers, and the plains of Morocco extend along the Moroccan coasts, estimated at about three thousand and five hundred kilometers.
  • As for the mountains, it contains mountain ranges covering a large area of the area of Morocco, and extends from the north to the south, and these mountains are the mountains of the countryside, Mount Thadragine, in addition to Mount Toubkal, and its rivers and valleys are many, the most important valleys: Wadi Draa, Ziz valley, and many other valleys.

Top landmarks in Morocco:

  • Located in the city of Marrakesh, Morocco, the heart of the city is the confluence of the Casbah, the marina and the city. There are many tourists who visit it each year to see interesting shows such as snakes, stories, musicians and many more. 
  • Al-Fna Mosque, an ancient Islamic historical landmark.
  • Al Manara Gardens: It dates back to the Almohad era and was used in the past to train soldiers to swim. At the beginning of the 12th century, they were decorated with olive trees.
  •   The Museum of Marrakech: Located in the center of Marrakech, close to the Ibn Youssef religious school, it was built in the 19th century by Mehdi Manbhi.
  • The small Atlas Mountains belong to the Atlas Mountains, where the southern part of the Atlas is about 3,300 meters above sea level.
  • Agdal Gardens is a natural park located in the city of Marrakech. It has many olive trees, apricots and oranges, and is one of the best places for people to visit and relax.