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the personality of the women


A personality is defined as a complex behavioral pattern, and it can be considered a constant and permanent thing in a person, and it is what distinguishes the individual from other people. The personality consists of organizing a set of functions and characteristics that interact with each other in humans, and defines the individual’s own way of harmony with the environment, and interacting with it. These functions and characteristics are physical, mental, emotional, emotional, social, acquired, or innate. Although personality is a constant thing, it is subject to change, because it is characterized by dynamism and seeks growth and development to elevate the human self. And some may go to discover his personality and its features, through some methods that do not follow a scientific method, such as knowing the personality through the color of the eyes, or the date of birth, or the name, which are ways that may endure a bit of health, due to the factor of chance, no more.

Knowing the personality of the name:

It is said that each person has a share of his name; the name may give the impression of the person in his dealings with people, and it may have an impact on the person himself, if he possesses a beautiful name, he is confident of himself; and therefore he has a balanced personality, but if his psyche is affected by his name, he may This is reflected negatively on him, especially if his name is not beautiful, and he may be subjected to some ridicule in his youth, because of his name, so he becomes an introverted personality. Many people want to know the influence their names have on their personalities, and the attributes they acquire.

Reflection of the name on the character:

  • Some researchers took an interest in this topic and conducted a set of studies on samples from people. Some of these studies come:

Study at Harvard University: In 1948, two Harvard professors conducted a study of 300 men who had finished their studies at the university, where the names of people were compared and their educational attainment, and it was found that the opportunities for failure during the study, or exposure to extreme nervousness, were greater for People with strange and uncommon names are among those opportunities for those with common names. It was concluded that the strange or ugly name has a negative impact on its bearer. Studies have continued in a larger and broader way, as it has concluded that the name may have an effect on the choice of profession, acceptance of a job, place of living, and life partner.

A study by the psychologist Uri Simonsohn: The psychologist Uri denies the theory of implicit selfishness that claims a person is attracted to things related to his name because studies that have deduced this result were not systematic, and he considers that the presence of a particular name in a discipline does not mean that it attracts a job, but rather it may be The name is commonly used, so it is natural for him to be present in abundance in that specialization.

2004 study: Economists Marian Bertrand and Sindhel Mullenathan conducted an experiment to see how the name affected admission to the offered jobs, preparing 5,000 autobiographies in response to a job announcement, and they wrote two sets of names where the names in the first group denoted people White, but in the second group, the names were referring to black people. It was found that the names referring to white people were re-called at a rate of about one in ten times, whereas the names that refer to the black people were re-called only on an average of once every 15 times.

Swedish study: A study was conducted in Sweden on the names of immigrants, the results showed that people who changed their names of Asian or African descent to Swedish or neutral names, their income level increased by 26% of those who kept their original names.

Psychologists put five major factors of personality that are as follows:

  • Neuroticism: where the character is characterized by anxiety, anger, hostility, and depression. Extroversion: the personality is social, positive, and loves to arouse and active, and is highly respectful of authority and traditions.
  • Acceptability: personality is characterized by altruism, honesty, and trust, and it is characterized by acceptance and modesty.
  • Openness to experience: where a person is non-routine, is fictional, and is not subject to social customs, just as he is a person who loves beauty.
  • Conscience vigilance: an organized personality, capable of self-control, committed to duties, and highly qualified.

Choose the appropriate name for the child:

The name may have a force that affects the personality of the individual, or his social life, career, etc., so it is advisable to choose the child’s name carefully, and to follow a set of criteria that make the name a source of success rather than failure, including: 

  • Uniqueness: It does not mean strangeness, because the strange name reflects negatively on the individual, but rather means that the name is remarkable and easier to memorize more.
  • Parents should think about the child and his or her future when choosing a name so that this choice is not based on a selfish desire to have a son who has no one as his name, or so.
  • Meaning of the name: The origin and meaning of the name should be ascertained, as some names may be unclear.
  • Consistency: So that the child’s name is consistent with the father’s and family’s name, it is neither long nor repulsive.
  • Compound Names: Parents may choose to name their children with a complex name, so they must take care to harmonize the two parts, and not to use large, long names.
  • Old or up-to-date name: Some names may be commonly used in certain time periods, and then decay in later periods.
  • Therefore, you should make sure that the name is contemporary with modern names, or choose a name that works for all times.

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