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How do you keep calm when pressures ?!

Tension is a natural part of modern life. But if you are experiencing stress, and feel anxious repeatedly. You need to deal with these situations, and train yourself to overcome them and keep calm.

I previously talked about symptoms of nervous tension, its complications, and how to overcome it. If you feel angry and irritable, this means that your stress hormones are stimulated very easily. And you need to learn some techniques to control your feelings and control your emotions.
  • Maintaining your focus, effectiveness, and productivity, despite the stress and stresses surrounding you, all depends on your mental skill. A person who is able to control his feelings can perform the behavior he desires. In other words, it can transform its anxiety state into energy production.

The most important effective tips to keep calm and control feelings in cases of tension and agitation:

  • When stress conditions control you, your heart rate will accelerate and your breathing rate will be faster than normal. You cannot breathe deeply and effectively. And more anger controls you.
  • When you feel this condition. Stop any work you do. Take a Break. Ignore everything for just a few minutes.
  •  If you live under pressure at work, only 5 minutes in the open air, you can change your feeling and calm you down. At least open the window and enjoy the fresh air as much as possible.
  • If you live under pressure at work, only 5 minutes in the open air, you can change your feeling and calm you down. At least open the window and enjoy the fresh air as much as possible.

If you are struggling and struggling to put things in perspective, just ask yourself two simple questions:

  • What is the worst thing that could happen to you as a result?
  • Does it matter in the next five years?
Your answer will put an end to negative thoughts causing stress. You may realize that your feeling of panic is primarily a fear of embarrassment in front of the public!
— To control the situation, think about worse situations —

Set priorities and split large tasks into small steps:

  • If you are an individual with many tasks, all of them need to perform simultaneously. It is very easy to feel anxious and overburdened!
  • If you can break some of these tasks, and break them down into smaller targets and simpler tasks, you will feel that it feels easier and more tangible.
  • Try splitting each of your wanted tasks into several small tasks.
  • Select the to-do list, each consisting of 5-10 parts.
  • When finishing every part, no matter how small, mark it correctly. This method gives a positive impression to your mind, rather than finishing the one big project.

heart, dollar sign, house, written, lined, paper, checklist ...

When anger, anxiety, or other negative emotions dominate you:

  • Ask yourself what exactly happened? Do I still have time to avoid the defect?
  • If yes, then how?
  • If the answer is no, then how can I mitigate or repair the damage caused?
  • Do not let your mind stop working and logic, and is controlled by pressure.

Get enough sleep:

  • You often feel tense and anxious faster, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Stress and emotions, in most cases, lead to insomnia and get worse.
  • Let the bedtime be set and your sleep hours be your priority. Especially if you are suffering from stress.

Think about your diet:

  • What you nourish your body, will certainly reflect on your physical and mental health, your level of focus, and your activity.
  • To keep your productivity at its highest level, pay attention to the quality of your food. Focus on healthy foods and avoid harmful foods as much as possible.

Finally .. Take the necessary measures:

  • When you think in a sound, logical way, you can get started. Use your energy to improve the situation and make tangible productive changes, instead of consuming your energy in complaining, anxiety, and frustration.
  • I know the tips are easy, but applying them is not simple. Especially if you are a normal person in general. But you can convince your brain to reverse these thoughts and control them.Fichier:Face-smile-big.svg — Wikipédia



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