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How do you attract a man to you?

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  • Women like to draw attention and gain attention from a man, and she may be surprised by her inability to influence him or his distance from it, while everything that happens is in response to actions and actions that may come from her. In this article, we will learn about ways to attract a man to you, what he loves about you, and how you should speak and correspond with him.

    Attributes that attract men to women?

There are things that are already present in the woman or that she can control at least that attract a man to her, such as:
  • Voice and the way to speak: Scientists have found that men prefer women who have a clear female voice to associate this voice with young people, while sharp sounds are less attractive. Men also prefer women who speak in a way that clarifies the pronunciation of words and letters, in addition to the pace of conversation characterized by suspense and excitement.
  • Height: Most men prefer shorter women with a difference in length between 7 to 8 centimeters, so you should wear the appropriate heel or not wear it to maintain a fit between your height and the length of your partner.

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  • Make-up: According to one research, men prefer women who use makeup in moderation, so do not put excessive cosmetics because you are blocking the man you want to attract, and choose your makeup wisely.
  • Waist to hip ratio: One study found that men are more attracted to women who have an ideal ratio of waist to hip, and according to the research the ideal waist and hip ratio is around 0.7, calculated by measuring the waist and hips, then dividing the waist circumference by the circumference of the hips.


  • Hair color: French research showed that the most attractive and attractive men for men are those with light hair, especially blond, while brunettes ranked second according to the study, and women with red hair were the least attractive to men. But in scientific interpretation, this is not due to the color itself, but to what extent the color of the hair is consistent with the color of the skin.

       How do you attract a man to you from the first meeting?

The first impression is important in general and especially when you meet a man with the intention to like him, and here you can attract him by following the following:
  1. Dress well for the appointment and take your time styling your hair and arranging your nails. Make sure your clothes are right for you and make sure your clothes are comfortable.
  2. Try to put on a nice fragrance that is sharp and not strong enough to overwhelm the rest of your presence.
  3. It is important to share and discuss common interests between you, but be yourself and do not lie or claim anything, and work to build confidence between you two.
  4. Show him attention when he speaks and make your talk interesting.
  5. Make sure to maintain eye contact and smile as the head shook your head to let him know you care about his words.
  6. If he starts flirting, show that you enjoy it, with some shyness.
  7. Men love the challenge so you don’t necessarily have to agree with everything he says, and show that you are a woman who has your own opinions.

       How do you attract men with messages?

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Letter of correspondence is also important to attract or remove a man, as you should pay attention to several points, including :

  • Don’t be accused of your messages: Avoid sending him texts like “Where were you last night?” And “Didn’t you get my letters or what ?!” It is not good for attracting men, on the contrary, aggressive messages easily drive it off.
  • Don’t be accused of your messages: Avoid sending him texts like “Where were you last night?” And “Didn’t you get my letters or what ?!” It is not good for attracting men, on the contrary, aggressive messages easily drive it off. You can vent your anger with your friends, or do some activity, then send it without stress.
  • Make your messages interesting: Avoid boring or complaint texts because they will not attract men, and will bring you tedious, unobtrusive responses.
  • Avoid open general questions: Avoid asking him about his opinion of normal things happening around you or the question “What did you do today?” The answer to which will be routine, especially if it is busy.

        How do you get the man on the phone?

Phone calls may be your stadium to show what you want to the man, but pay attention to these points :
  • Use your most attractive voice layer during a call, especially at its beginning, to attract it and keep its attention.
  • Show some happiness and attraction in talking and smile when you speak, this will give your voice an attractive tone that brings you to close.
  • Let him feel comfortable, be friendly, and tell him that you are happy to talk to him; Then she will relax and the conversation will start easier.
  • Show off your positive personality traits, and show him that you are fun-loving, open-minded, confident, sensitive, exciting, adventurous, and more. But don’t show everything you have in one go, until you leave what you admire in subsequent calls.
  • It is a good idea to appear as a self-confident female during the phone call, but do not overdo it because it can turn into an arrogance that keeps the man you attract from you.


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